Thursday, May 29, 2008

time to make the donuts.

Scarf ad has holes in it

29 May 2008
MX (Brisbane)


The Dunkin' Donuts chain has pulled an online advertisement featuring celebrity chef Rachael Ray, after critics argued a scarf she wore in the ad offers symbolic support for terrorism.

Dunkin' Donuts said it pulled the ad in the US over the weekend because of what it calls a ``misperception'' about the scarf that detracted from its original intent.

Critics complained that the scarf appeared to be traditional garb worn by Arab men. The ad's critics say such scarves have come to symbolise Muslim extremism and terrorism.

The chain says no symbolism was intended.

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anon said...

Um, what part of the commercial actually suggests a link to terrorism? Maybe, it could just be Rachel Ray wearing a red scarf because her Grandma gave her a red rose for her birthday or something.