Friday, June 27, 2008

it burns when i.

i understand that it's hard to name things these days. i assume that most names are taken, kind of like how all the best domain names are. regardless though, i feel like maybe there would have been a way to have avoided naming your automotive institute UTI.

and not only is your name UTI, but then when you do something nice like start a scholarship foundation it has to be called The UTI Foundation, which, to be fair, can result in all sorts of confusion for potential applicants.

"The UTI Foundation, which recently completed its formation period, anticipates awarding approximately $1 million in 2008 to financially assist students pursuing technical training programs at any of UTI’s 10 campuses nationwide."

i wonder what you need to qualify for a scholarship from The UTI Foundation. whatever it is, i'm sure it can be cleared up in a few days by drinking copious amounts of cranberry juice.

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