Monday, March 24, 2008

itsa me mario!

super mario brothers for nes is one of the hardest video games ever.  i don't really care what those people say who can beat it in 11 minutes.  very few lives, no tanooki suits, and constant trickery that makes you believe that THIS time you've really saved the princess = hard.

it is easy to do a lot of stuff "wrong" in super mario brothers.  that's why it's so hard.  the most notorious mistakes are made when confronting the king of the koopas himself, bowser.

you might think, "oh! a floating platform.  i must jump on that and over bowser!"  or "oh! a bunch of blocks! i must jump on them and then over bowser!"  NO.  don't jump over bowser.  i mean you can jump over bowser, but DON'T.

pls, for the love of god, run under bowser.


Anonymous said...

tanooki suit = mario 3, duh. as is the (fake) video of the guy beating mario 3 in 11 minutes. We should really start playing video games again if I move back to Michigan. Which I might.


you're doing it wrong. said...

i know the tanooki suit is in mario 3, that is why i said there is NO tanooki suit. as for the 11 minute video thing, touche. to be fair though, there are videos of people beating mario 1 in incredibly short periods of time.

let me know if you are moving back. i will get tostitos/cheese dip/boyshort underpants ready. said...

real good.
real true.