Thursday, March 27, 2008

we're sending you off to hoarding school.

if you have to have 75 tons of garbage removed from your home on national television, then you are obviously doing something wrong.  that "something" being the fact that YOU HAVE 75 TONS OF GARBAGE IN YOUR HOUSE.

"hoarders" sharyn and marvin had collected 35 years of "stuff" in their 3,000 foot home, mostly due to sharyn being a "shopoholic" and the fact that when she bought something she would lose it in 75 TONS OF GARBAGE and thus just go buy something else to replace it.

so oprah's crew came in and cleaned everything out, including 35 years of financial documents that marvin insisted on sitting and shredding piece by piece in one of those mini shredders that can handle literally one piece of ultra-soft kleenex at a time.  after hours and hours of this, oprah's crew promised to have everything commercially shredded.

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